Joey was giving out free hugs at tonight’s #winetoreach

It’s a beautiful farewell to VEDA, fueled by wine and friendly faces and noodles without water. Join us!

"Racism sounds so much better in a robot voice."
— in reference to Nico the Robot God

Ghost Cuddlez made a special appearance for the ladies who are into that sort of thing.

Pham and his cat shared an interpretive dance. 

Rachelskirts turned into a cat, as documented here:

Patrick showed off his lenses for the ladies and the pantsless gentlemen.

Anyone want to host a #winetoreach event this weekend? It’s fun. It’s easy. It makes you feel powerful. Nine out of ten dentists agree that it’s good for your soul.

Your two responsibilities:

  1. Start a Google+ Hangout on Saturday night around 7 p.m. Pacific.
  2. Send the link to that Google+ Hangout as a DM (direct message) to @winetoreach on Twitter. Rachelskirts will copy/paste your message and tweet it to all the @winetoreach followers.

After that, you pretty much sit back, drink, and watch the chaos unfold. You up for it?

Joey decided to host a #winetoreach on Friday. NEVER MIND. See you then!

Pirate Dog Joey. The end.